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Furniture Upholstering and Repairs in Burlington, Oakville and Surrounding Areas

For over 50 years, we have been inspired by the ways in which furniture can affect our lives. We all have memories and stories that are tied to our favourite pieces of furniture: a sofa where families come together to watch a movie, a book read in one’s favourite chair or dining chairs that have seated generations for family meals. If only furniture could talk!

When working with you, we listen carefully to your tastes and needs. We look at the proportions and lines of the piece and finish it in a way that will best suit the interior of your home and most importantly, is comfortable for you. We treat each piece of furniture like an art form, whether it is giving fresh life to older furniture or constructing a new piece that will hold new memories.

Contact us if you want to apholster your furniture. If you do, rest assured that you’re in good hands. Take a look at some examples of our work.

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